Communications and Public Affairs Strategies

Planning, design and execution of a tailored communications plan aligned to your company’s business objectives and goals


Finance & Insurance

Food & Beverage



Industry & Manufacturing



Lifestyle & Luxury

Government & Non-profit

Internal Communication

Planning and Execution of tasks tailored to achieve business goals through employees and associates

  • Workplace Area Manuals
  • Internal Publications (newsletter, magazine, newspaper)
  • Employee's Letters and Editorials
  • Mailing and Employee's Notices
  • Executive Town Halls and Informative Meetings
Top-down Communication

Its goal is to train, teach business objectives and company policy

  • Corporate Feedback and Internal Communication Channels
  • Intranet
  • Mailing
  • Let’s Talk Manager
  • Management Kick-off
  • Area Meetings
Bottom-up Communication

It allows employee unit of suggestions, ideas, and feedback to top-down communication

  • Business Area Meetings
  • Bussines and Corporate Events
  • Organization of informal events (birthdays, etc.)
  • Courses
  • Info Sessions
  • Group Mailing
  • Social Media
Horizontal Communication

This type of communication is largely informal and is carried out by friends and colleagues; it is promoted to boost teamwork and collaboration

External Communication

Client Communication

Build a corporate profile and history that underscores who you are, what you stand for, who supports your work, and what makes you different. Build success stories that demonstrate why having you as a partner and companion is critical.

Mass Communication

Build key messages that transmit the importance of your business, its high-value offer, and position your brand.



Public opinion (potential customers)


Digital Communication

We have a record of 22 years in storytelling and building narratives. Digital communication has allowed us to reach niche and emerging industries

Digital Media
Social Media
Media, Thought Leader and Influencer correlations
Stakeholder Outreach
Universities and Education Centers
Business Chambers and groupings