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Contacto en Medios is a leading consultancy firm focused on delivering inclusive communication and advisory services. Our firm was established in May of 1997 by a group of prominent journalists from top news and media outlets in Mexico.


Research and Analysis

Study, understanding and interpretation of messages

Crisis and Issues Management

Fast-paced events that could damage a company’s reputation.


Planning, logistics and media management of business seminars and functions.

Market Research

In depth analysis and reporting of industry, consumption and consumer trends.



Communications and Public Affairs courses, workshops and seminars to develop strategic skills.

Communications Strategies

Planning and Development of outreach tasks to help firms and companies reach their business goals.

Design and Content Development

Understanding of ideas and concepts to develop informative material.

Media Center

Advertising, traditional, digital and alternative media mix.


01Finance & Insurance

20 years of experience with key players support our work and results that our clients can count on.

02 Food & Beverage

We create brand value for our clients on a daily bases to become a strategic partner in one of the most dynamic industries.


Backbone of our country’s wellbeing, 10 years of working with leading players shape our ability to deliver results.


Knowing our country’s unique wealth, we have built solid knowledge focused on hospitality


We want to create and contribute to change, that’s why we created a focused team with key knowledge to guide our clients, side by side.

06Manufacturing and Industrial

We build and strengthen B2B reputation with construction, transport, mining, energy and logistics.


We understand the tech landscape because we live in it and realize its impact in everything that our clients do. From digital communications to blockchain and Fintech.

08 Lifestyle & Luxury

To connect and be heard, create experiences that tell stories, that’s the objective of our specialized team.

09Government & Non-profit

Non-profit, government and education communications must reach stakeholders constantly that is why we have created an expert team for these key sectors.

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